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Together & United .

Arts Unity believes in sustainable development and rejects the model of charity. We are committed to maintaining a space and platform for participants expressing their whole selves, and accessing pathways to create desired change. Even though we are a new platform based in Milton Keynes we have worked and are working with creatives all around the world.

photo by Yosilious Maximus

Arts Unity centre is …

A place for the mixing of disciplines, where dance meets theatre meets circus meets fine arts. Where music is learned and practiced and performed and filters into everything else. Where arts does not only mean performing arts. Where the people who live two, three and four streets away think of the building – rightly – as theirs. Where the people who live fifteen minutes away think the same. An arts centre could be as cheap as possible to visit and engage with (free is good) and at the same time, aim as high as possible in the standard of work it creates and presents. Eclecticism, bravery, silliness and passion could be encouraged. 

photo by Yosilious Maximus

With a primary focus on contemporary art reflecting modern society and its environment, encouraging innovation and diversity of mediums, which engage potentially the today’s art scene.